Decopot - Claybright underglazes for ceramics

Claybright Underglazes

Claybright Liquid Underglazes are the paint of choice in most New Zealand ceramic painting studios and are easily managed by absolute beginners. Boasting an excellent shelf life and precise formulation for consistently reliable results, Claybright Underglazes are a staple for your decorative colour work.

Working well on most clay bodies including Primo Clays, Claybright Underglazes adhere strongly to bisque or greenware without dusting or smudging. They are non-toxic and food-safe.

Claybright Underglaze paints are thixotropic, therefore when agitated with a brush, stirred or shaken they change from their gel state to a fluid and easily brushed liquid.

You can expect bright and reliable results. A range of colour intensities can be developed by adding additional layers of paint, to a suggested maximum of 3 coats.

Claybright Underglazes may be covered with a clear glaze such as Abbots Clear. If you leave Claybright Underglazes unglazed you can achieve a range of dry, velvet or satin textures which vary with firing temperatures.  Claybright Underglazes may be used at temperatures between 1000C and 1280C.

We sell Claybright Underglazes in 1000ml, 400ml & 75ml plastic jars with screw top lids.

  75ml  200ml    1000ml
Burgundy, Tomato Red & Ultra Red    $ 15   $ 30   $ 90
 All other colours   $ 10   $ 20  $ 65

This 3D product brings texture to your colour work. A trailing underglaze colour, exceptional for applying raised lines or dots to bisque or greenware.

When choosing Claybright 3-D Effects you will need to decide if you are applying to bisque or greenware. Our red-cap are optimised for application to bisque, while our white-cap are optimised for application to greenware (unfired clay). Both are delivered in 100ml spouted bottles ideal for writing, trailing, dotting and outlining. 3D Effects are stocked in black, white, the primary colours and green.

Both red-cap & white-cap Claybright 3D Effects are $15.00 per 100ml bottle

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