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Decopot Bisque

Decopot Bisque is made from a white-firing clay body. It has a wide firing range producing durable stoneware when fired to 1150°C and a completely vitreous body when fired to 1200°C. Many of our clients fire successfully to 1300°C achieving wonderful translucent qualities on thinner pieces. The bisque is uniformly porous and easy to glaze by dipping, spraying or brushing.

Decopot Bisque can be decorated with underglaze paint such as Claybright or simply glazed in plain or textured glazes for brilliant results.

Ceramic hearts suitable for decoupage available.

All products are supplied in standardised packaging and ready to decorate or glaze.

Click here to download a printable Decopot Bisque price list.

We ship products around New Zealand in courier parcels of up to 70 litres (20Kg) or on freight pallets. We will use the system that gives you the best economy and safety.

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