About Us

Decopot NZ  was established by Paul Pepworth in late 1994 soon after his arrival from South Africa.

In the early years the focus was on supplying BISQUE-FIRED products into a receptive market for brightly decorated tableware and gifts.

The bisque was soon partnered by a division making CLAYBRIGHT LIQUID UNDERGLAZE, a world-renowned underglaze product popular among craft potters and ceramic painting studios.

After moving to larger premises in 2003 Decopot installed a modern clay making plant and developed its own clay bodies for the bisque. These CLAY BODIES have proven to be ideally suited to throwers and sculptors alike and a range of speciallized clays is now sold under the PRIMO CLAYS brand.

A further expansion in 2009 saw Paul buy the colour and glaze divisions from Western Potters Supplies. This added the ABBOTS GLAZES to the group of available products. These glazes and underglazes are manufactured in the Palmerston North factory. GLAZE STAINS are imported in bulk for use in these underglaze products and also packaged and sold under the ABBOTS brand.

In 2012 Decopot purchased Cobcraft Supplies to better service their South Island customers.

 Paul with his 30-plus years of experience in pottery and industrial ceramics is assisted by long-serving and highly skilled staff. Michael Freeman, Kiwa Bentson, Bruce Walford, Arpan Rai and Dawoot Yaramoot share a range of production tasks. Arvind Rai makes the Abbots Glazes and Claybright Underglaze and Louise runs the office and keeps everyone paid and organised!

The DECOPOT TEAM are dedicated to finding the best available materials and using these and their collective skills to provide solutions to your everyday requirements.