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Welcome to Decopot, Mail Order Pottery Supplies and Production Services for Potters in Palmerston North, NZ.

Decopot NZ was established by Paul Pepworth in late 1994 soon after his arrival from South Africa.

In the early years the focus was on supplying BISQUE-FIRED products into a receptive market for brightly decorated tableware and gifts.

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Mail Order Pottery Supplies

Decopot manufactures bisque and finished pottery at its Palmerston North factory. Locally manufactured products are supplemented  with products that we have made offshore to ensure good diversity and economy.  These products contribute to a catalogue of supplies for professional to hobby potting and painting studios, throughout New Zealand and some off shore clients too. 

We offer mail order access to our products. 

If you wish to pick up an order please make an appointment to do so. Turnaround time for orders can be several days if the items are something we make on demand. Please check your order status prior to booking your pick up.

Please use our enquiry cart to place both orders and requests for quotes.

Your enquiry must contain your shipping details and please tell us if you wish to be invoiced or only receive a quote.

We seek the best shipping for the size and type of the products. 

Details of each range of products, Primo Clays, Claybright, DecopotNZ, Abbots Glaze and Glaze Stains,can be found by clicking the logo images in the banner above.

There are also printable Price Lists, The Abbots Glaze handbook and other useful information available on our downloads page. 


Events and Promotions

Paul Pepworth and Bruce Walford each offer workshops nationwide. 

Staying Informed

You are very welcome to keep in touch with us.

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