Decopot - Primo Clays, high-fire and mid-fire porcelain, white and buff stoneware


Decopot constantly works to bring improvement to the clay bodies we are using and selling. This is an ongoing process and we acknowledge the input of potters who have given us valuable feedback of their experience with our bodies.

The range includes smooth white-firing bodies, grogged bodies, casting slips and a terracotta. 

A printer friendly Primo Clay price list can be downloaded here.

Our bodies are used all over NZ and offshore by potters who range in experience from novice to industry masters.

New Bodies

In January 2017, we released 5 new formulations. And to quote Bruce Walford, ‘I’m excited! I haven’t had clays like this since I was in South Africa”

A table of information to date about the new bodies can be downloaded by clicking here.

We are excited to introduce you to Red-Brown Stoneware – 202, Wood-Brown Stoneware – 208, Cream Stoneware – 301 and Red-Brown Terracotta – 203a. These are accompanied by our highly grogged Warm-Buff Sculpture – 201. (Find more details on each of the clays by clicking their name)

Of note, a highlight achieved in these new formulations is that they are low shrinkage.

Mail Order Bodies

All bodies are packaged in 10kg polythene bags. Every effort is made to ensure that the bodies are supplied at a consistent hardness with continuous monitoring during production. 

We are a mail order company. Bodies are shipped by courier or rail. Courier tickets accommodate up to 20kgs, therefore it is best use of your shipping investment is to buy your clay bodies in twos, (20kg lots). We also welcome pick-up by appointment after your order is prepared.

We offer a price discount for each order of 20 bags or more across the clay range.  

Bodies are always sent separately from other products as the clay weight causes lighter items to be smashed up during shipping.

A printer friendly pricelist of all the Primo Clay bodies can be downloaded here.

Mail Order Casting Slip

We provide Porcelain Casting Slip. This is supplied in 10li plastic buckets... ...more about Casting Slips

Older Bodies

As a result of releasing the new formulations there will be some rationalisation of the clays we sell. Immediately it is Primo Red that is obsolete and replaced with Red-Brown Terracotta – 203a. In time we will consider rationalising the clays we make. For example, SB15 and Raku are essentially the same clays, so we will like to hear your experiences of using SB15 in Raku firings.

The High-Fire Porcelain and Mid-Fire Porcelain are a delight to use and belie the common myth that all porcelain bodies are tricky to use. They are exceptionally white and beautifully translucent.

The Production White PW20 body is a superb throwing body. With another variation of PW20 being our Low-Fire Porcelain.

The existing fine grogged stonewares are: Standard Stoneware, a toasty buff coloured body good for throwing and hand building, SB15 Sculptural, a body containing high proportions of fine grog and is favored by sculptor Di Conway, and with similar characteristics is our White Raku. 

Developed by Bruce Walford is our smooth, pale Paper Clay. It is ideal for building with slabs and creating fine detail.

Where to start when choosing clay?

Pottery, like all art, has an art of learning the rules and growing your experience to reach beyond those rules. Where your pottery experience is new, we offer the table below to suggest clays that will well suit your early experiences. 

For the purpose of this table we have split out the terms Modeling and Sculpting. Modeling can be taken as finer, smaller work, with Sculpting indicating larger, more substantial works.

The clay names in this table are links to more information about each of the clays.

  Throwing  Attaching  Slab     Modeling  Sculpting  Casting 
 Cream Stoneware 301     Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
 Wood-Brown Stoneware 208     Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
 Red-Brown Stoneware 202      Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
 Terracotta 203a      Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
 White Stoneware    Yes Yes Yes Yes    
 Stoneware Paper Clay   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
 SB15 Sculptural     Yes Yes Yes Yes  
 Warm-Buff Sculpture 201    Yes  Yes
 White Raku     Yes Yes   Yes  
 Standard Stoneware     Yes Yes    Yes  
 High-Fire Porcelain Yes      Yes    
 Mid-Fire Porcelain   Yes      Yes    
 Low-Fire Porcelain   Yes     Yes    
 Production White PW20  Yes     Yes     
 Porcelain V2 Casting Slip              Yes


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