Mail Order Casting Slip - Currently Out of Stock

We provide a Porcelain Casting Slip. These are supplied in 10li plastic buckets.

Each 10Li bucket of slip weighs near 17kg and can be couriered on an up to 20kg ticket. Orders of 6 or more buckets attract improved shipping costs in the rail network. We can quote to your destination.

When you are buying 10 or more buckets is casting slip in either or both styles you attract the bulk discount rate.

Firing temperature is 1160-1300c.

Porcelain Casting Slip (code: SLIPPORC)

This popular casting body fires very white and develops translucency…

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Refill Porcelain Casting Slip (code: SLIPPORREFILL10+)

Conditional Porcelain Slip Refilling Porcelain Slip Refilling Service is only…

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