Introducing our new formulation to replace the obsolete Primo Red.


Terracotta 203A

Terracotta 203A

A slab, throw and build, smooth terracotta body.

Also called Terracotta Red/Brown

Potter's notes
"Very good to throw... it feels like a stoneware on the wheel. Flashes well. Consistent slow drying enabling it to take attachments well."

'@1185C Shrinkage 13% & Absorption 1.2%

Bisque 950 – 1000C.
Glaze 1100 – C1240C

Offered in 10kg Polythene bags
  • The per bag price is $17.00 / 10kgs
  • The bulk price as part of an order of 20 bags or more is $13.50 / 10kgs

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