"It is great that there is a porcelain being produced in New Zealand which has the qualities of whiteness and translucency I require for my work. It stands up to the demands of firing at high temperatures. I have used it for large sculptural works as well as fine thrown tableware and it performs extremely well."

Raewyn Atkinson


"What was a big surprise to see how well the high-fire Porcelain threw and then fired.  The colour response is beautiful and a couple of my regular glazes which craze normally fit like a glove.  Very translucent though and the real surprise for me is how stable they remained in the firing with NO distortion.  One bowl was sitting on a shelf that broke in the test kiln and was at about 20 degrees of level yet remained round.  My regular stonewares would have sagged and distorted way out of shape. I can’t see any factors that need improving with this fine material!"

Neil Grant - Otago Polytech


“After working with a number of white clays in recent years I have now changed the whole studio to Mid-Fire Porcelain made by Primo Clays. It is a completely universal clay. The body throws well from small delicate pieces through to bottles of over a metre. It is versatile and we use it in its finest translucent form through to large paper clay structures.

It is extremely stable and supports a wide range of glazes including the crazed glazes I am currently developing. In fact it has solved a number of my firing problems and I am very happy to recommend it.”

Peter Collis



High-Fire Porcelain

High-Fire Porcelain

High-Fire Porcelain

This bright white porcelain is exceptionally plastic and a dream to throw. Thrown or built works dry successfully and have high green strength.

It begins to develop translucency above 1200C This increases up to 1300C at which temperature the body is still remarkably distortion resistant. It is said not to be prone to carbon trapping in reduction. Shrinkage 16% aproximately

Image credit

Deeptime #25 - R39 by Raewyn Atkinson

Approx 100cm  x 80cm Primo

Offered in 10kg Polythene bags
  • The per bag price is $44.00 / 10kgs
  • The bulk price as part of an order of 20bags or more is $36.00 / 10kgs

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