I have been using Buff Stoneware in my cone 10 domestic-ware production for about a year. It is really easy to throw and trim and I have very few production losses. Although I have slowed down as Father Time catches up with me, I used to get through about six tonnes of clay a year. I reckon I know a bit about clay and this is the best one I have come across.


Barry Doyle

Palmerston North



Report on Primo Clays SB15 sculpture body.


AT LAST, a reliable stoneware clay has been created by Paul and his team at Primo Clays.


After years of frustrating and dramatically unsatisfactory results with other clays I approached Primo Clays for a solution.


Paul and Bruce listened carefully and noted my requirements before going to work. Bruce prepared several blends of clay using a variety of grogs and supplied these for testing in my studio. After two rounds of testing we settled on blend 15 as the most promising and Primo Clays made a 1-tonne production trial.


The new body, Sculpture Body 15 (or SB15), is perfectly suited to my method of building and hollowing out [de-boning] my pieces. The fired clay texture accepts any colour or surface treatment I wish to finish the piece with …giving me so many choices.


It was a pleasure to let Paul take care of all the science - leaving me just to create my forms.


Di Conway – sculptor





White Stoneware

White Stoneware

This is a very white, smooth stoneware body firing to cone 10 and beyond. Great for throwing and trimming.

If this has been you clay of choice we recommend you also consider our 2017 release Cream Stoneware - 301

Bisque 950-1000C

Glazed 1160-1300C

Offered in 10kg Polythene bags
  • The per bag price is $20.00 / 10kgs
  • The bulk price as part of an order of 20bags or more is $17.00 / 10kgs

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